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BSNL now fastest 3G network in India, Jio still leading 4G network speeds by huge margins, says TRAI

TRAI has published the network performances of all major operators for the month of July in which BSNL has topped the 3G chart. Jio still leads massively in the 4G space.

In the last few months, the telecom sector has overseen a lot of activity in a bid to capture the market share. The private sector players have been doing rather good by dropping lucrative offers for customers to choose their network over others. While that may have been good for some and bad for the others, the network performance has been playing a key role in pulling customers. TRAI has now released the network performance data for the month of July and there’s a lot that has happened.

First, let’s talk about the most surprising piece of news from this list. TRAI has released the data for 3G networks and the operator to top it is the state-owned BSNL. Yes, BSNL has been the fastest 3G network in July with average download speeds of 2.5Mbps. This is substantially higher than what Idea managed to offer with average monthly speeds of 2Mbps.

Vodafone at in the third position with average download speeds of 1.9Mbps whereas Airtel sits in the last spot with average download speeds of 1.4Mbps. Given that 3G is still servicing major parts of the country, this comes as good news for BSNL subscribers. And with its upcoming 4G services, things should look better for the state-owned operator.

While Airtel fared badly in 3G network performances, it managed to sit in the second position in the 4G services chart. Airtel managed to offer average 4G download speeds of 8.8Mbps, beating Vodafone’s average speeds of 7.7Mbps and Idea Cellular’s average speeds of 6.6Mbps.

Wonder where does Jio fare on this list? Well, Jio only operates 4G services and despite being only three years into the market, it leads the market with average download speeds of 21Mbps. This puts it many folds ahead of its nearest rival, thereby putting Jio on a completely different league. Hence, this performance also explains the reason why Jio continues to gain a healthy market share every month compared to its rivals.

It now remains to be seen how Jio manages this performance once it launches its Jio Postpaid Plus service, which claims to offer better connectivity for its subscribers.