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Mumbai toddler asks Zomato for toys. What happens next wins the Internet

A 4-year-old boy sent messages to Zomato asking for toys. What happened next left the internet gushing with love.
Zomato surprises little kid by sending him a gift

Zomato does deliver happiness and a recent incident that took place in Mumbai with a 4-year-old boy proves it.

Twitter user, Irshad Daftari recently shared photos of his message window with Zomato. The tweet that was captioned, “In other news, my 4-year-old son thinks that if he messages Zomato with his fav things, they might deliver them to him,” shows texts sent by his son with the things that he wanted as gifts.

The little boy had asked for ‘number balloons, cars, gifts and toys’ in a wish to receive them from Zomato.

Twitter found the innocence of the little boy adorable and started tagging the Zomato on the Twitter thread. The best part of the whole story is that Zomato took notice and what they did after that won the hearts of the netizens.

In another tweet posted by Irshad, he shared the image of his son enjoying a new toy car gifted to him by Zomato. Yup, they did that. The tweet was captioned, “UPDATE: By special delivery from the good, nay, GREAT, people at Zomato, the 4 year old has got the best surprise ever! Has been running around the house with his gift while his 8 month old sister plays with the wrapping paper. Happiness all around.”

The toy car was one of the things that the boy had asked for in his messages.

This thread has left Twitterati feeling all kinds of emotions.